I hate to admit it but as good as I was in not spending money during quarantine, the Sephora sale this season has definitely unleashed the beast in me (oops!). Since my last post sharing my sale picks, I've gone back and placed another order..or two.. I promise I did not intentionally place so many orders, but after the first day of the sale, there were new releases as well as items coming back into stock that I have been eyeing. One of the new releases includes this Fenty Beauty Cream Bronzer, which I had to pick up. 

I have never paid much attention to cream bronzers in the past, and usually stick to my powder formulas. For someone who does not often wear foundation, and usually sticks to a more natural-finish base, I have to say I'm not sure why it took me this long to hop on this train.

Back and forth I went between the colours "Butta Biscuit" and "Macchiato," and ultimately I settled for the latter. Butta Biscuit is a beautiful ashy tone that I think would work really nice to contour and chisel, whereas Macchiato has a nice warm tint to it, which is what I personally prefer. The formula is not super pigmented and harsh, but definitely buildable. I'll have to test this out a couple more times to see how I like it and how it wears throughout the day, but so far I am impressed. It doesn't leave any dark lines or streaks, and blends out so nicely.

Do you have a favourite cream formula that you would recommend, or have you personally tried the one by Fenty Beauty? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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